Programs for K-8!

SecondStep programs are supported by music and videos, take-home activities, and stories kids relate to. Activities and lessons are developmentally appropriate and help program leaders instill social-emotional skills in all youth participants.

K-5 Program
The SecondStep program promotes school success, connectedness, and a safe and respectful school climate. Participants will strengthen their ability to: learn, empathsize, manage their emotions, and solve problems
Middle School Program
The SecondStep Middle School program is designed to prevent or reduce: aggression, violence, and substance abuse through teaching social and problem-solving skills liked to success.
Academic Achievement
Teaching adolescents social and emotional skills can impact both their academic achievement and character. The SecondStep programs supports the development of strong individuals who can build healthy relationships and avoid falling into drug addiction or violence.



SecondStep programs are research based, meaning they have been rigorously tested and measured; findings from the collected research supports that these are effective teaching models and have made a difference in the lives of many youth participants.

J14 uses the SecondStep programs to teach basic self-regulation and social-emotional skills to help students avoid expulsion, low academic achievement, dropping out of school, delinquency, and criminal behavior.