Robotics is a more obvious approach to learning technological skills necessary for today’s industry. J14 has collaborated with the North Carolina Lego League to develop a program specifically designed for J14 for K-8 grade students.

K-4 Robotics Program
Participants are presented with a real world challenge they must find a solution through the use of robotics. The group will research the problem, identify potential solutions, and construct a model and presentation spotlighting the solution they choose.
5th - 8th Grade Robotics Program
Older participants are held to the same standards as the junior participants. They are expected to research a real world problem and develop a solution. Participants are also expected to complete a series of expectations for their robots.
Encouraging Leadership
Offering a variety of activities throughout prime crime times after school will encourage student to continue attending and building their skills. Robotics is continuing to grow in popularity; J14 wants to ensure that every student has an opportunity participate.