Gang Prevention Focus
Gang Prevention Focus
 Gang Prevention Platform!
  • Continuous outreach to the community, while identifying and working with established youth leaders. This often takes an inordinate amount of time, patience, and proof of commitment. Careful listening to youths in the community. Effective intervention begins with understanding their views of problems and their ideas for solutions. “The youths who speak the loudest or those who are most visible are not always the ones who are ‘calling the shots’”.
  • Providing immediate recognition and rewards to young people who respond in positive ways. In addition to personal recognition, dinners are relatively easy to arrange and can help produce community cohesion.
  • Providing opportunities for “backsliders” to regain footing. This principle applies to youths and adult community stakeholders alike. Most persons embrace change at an uneven pace.
  • Establishing a forum in which youths can practice conflict resolution and come to a nonviolent agreement.
  • Integrating project youths into outreach to other young people as mentors, role models, and peacemakers. This not only solidifies their transformation but also takes advantage of their potential effectiveness in transforming peers.

Mecklenburg County juvenile intake assessment data shows a consistent rise in peer relationships highlighted by youth who regularly associates with others who are involved in delinquent/criminal activity listed as a state high of 17.8% over state average of 14.7%. We see youth associating with known gang member or associates with of gang steadily rising from 2.7% in 2014 -2015 to 6.5% in 2017. Youth’s sexual adjustment/behavior results in victimization of others. Youth that may use sexual expression/behavior to attain power and control over others has also risen to a state high of 3.8%. The J14 Adult Experience will use evidence-based programs to assist student youth to reduce impulsive, high-risk, and aggressive behaviors and increase their socio-emotional competence and other protective factors. Our team of educators will deliver data-driven instruction aligned to in-school learning. Hands-on enrichment courses in the creative thinking, leadership, and character development, coupled with employment related field trips and service projects, reinforcing academic skills, and inspiring our students to pursue future college and career goals.