Renaissance Accelerated Math® provides deep math practice at the unique levels students need for them to grow—from foundational skills to grade-level standards. It’s the key to mastering math: Building incremental confidence. Once students feel confident, they open to mathematical discourse in the classroom and productive struggle in their practice, to enrich their math experience. Accelerated Math provides:


Accelerated Math makes the best use of data automation to reduce your time spent grouping students. You can accept the automatic grouping or adjust. These instructional groups make it easy to assign standards coverage.

Productive Practice

Students must learn to think critically—like mathematicians—to master math. Accelerated Math keeps students working—and thinking—to solve a set of 6 problems before they see which ones they missed. The right amount of productive struggle helps students learn.

Encourage Collaboration

Facilitate meaningful discourse in math practice to encourage students to take ownership of their practice. Talking about math lets students reflect on their understanding and create deep math knowledge. The software provides a list of peers working on the same skill.

Built-In Resources

The Core Progress learning progression not only helps schedule standards coverage, but also provides resources for teachers and students. These include tasks at DOK levels 2 & 3, instructional videos, worked examples, and a math glossary.


The math practice content in Accelerated Math provides standards coverage from kindergarten to high school. Assignments are algorithm-generated to produce different problems for each skill, so students can collaborate on skills while completing their own problems.

Student/Parent/Family Aligned

Renaissance Home Connect lets families monitor progress, and children can practice math at home. There are also parent guides for Accelerated Math in English or Spanish.