Accelerated Reader 360 engages K-12 students in independent and close reading practice. They complete close reading activities built into nonfiction articles, choose their own independent reading books, and take short reading comprehension quizzes. Accelerated reader benefits:


Engage Students

Students select books to work toward attainable, personalized goals. Sometimes kids just need a little help finding the right book. The Book Discovery Shelf provides ideas (including nonfiction and award-winners) based on reading level, history, and popularity.

Teachers Feel Empowered

Develop strong classroom routines while maintaining ease and flexibility. Support independent practice and facilitate whole- or small-group close reading practice. Instant access to data means you always know who needs your immediate attention and exactly how to help.

Skill Building

Close reading skills help students succeed in content areas and during summative exams, too. Because students read, cite, write, and quiz on nonfiction articles to build their skills, they can move confidently into reading complex texts in content areas.

Readily Available Data

Reliable data helps teachers make the best decisions possible, so students achieve greater growth. Teachers get the key data they need through powerful, fast dashboards that display data from practice and assessment.